Posted by Key on May 25, 2012

Dreamcast for sale on eBay starting at 99 cents plus 10 dollar shipping


Dreamcast for sale!!!

An everything you need Dreamcast System.

Refurbished, taken apart cleaned up then put back together and test, system works perfectly, was on for 1 hour of play and ran like a champ.
Picture is of exact item you are bidding on, the system is a little discolored. I believed it was rescued by someone who left it in the sun, or a smokers house but with a little tender loving care her guts are cleaned and ready for someone who wants to give her a good home.
If you win the auction, email me if you want me to send a disc with it to play backup games or Japan games, easy to use just drop in the disc and gives you instructions to drop in your backup game or Japan game.
you can get it on eBay Here:
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