eBay Seller Gets Stiffed for $100,000 Dollars Over Most Rare NES Game

An eBay user was selling the most rare Original NES Nintendo Game ever made called Nintendo World Championship. We watched the bidding on this item and it ended selling at $99,902.00 with 328 bids. Unfortunately the game was not sold and re-listed right away. It is possible that the whole thing was a hoax to get increased views or advertisement for the eBay store owner or a group of people who wanted to give the store owners hopes up by having the store owner thinking that it sold for 100,000 dollars, but if anything this was an interesting eBay bidding war to watch.

The item was re-listed at 45,000 and now it is down to 13,000 and you can view this video game cartridge in their store by clicking here.

Here are a few pictures and the store description used.

Nintendo World Championship Cartridge

Nintendo World Championship Cartridge


Nintendo World Championship Cartridge on screen

Nintendo World Championship Cartridge on screen

Nintendo World Championship Cart: Grey Version

This is your chance to own the Super RARE Nintendo World Championship Cart for the NES!!!! As you can see by the pictures, this is an authentic, true to life original cart; no reproduction cart here.

Obviously, you’ll immediately notice the ripped label. This is quite unfortunate but happened many decades ago by this point in time. No one knows the exact number of this cart (as each NWC cart was individually labeled upon production) as it appears in the upper left-hand corner of the cart label. This is known as the infamous “Mario” NWC cart that someone probably wrote on there long ago not having a clue what they actually had. Still, case in point, this is an authentic, original NWC cart from the championship back in the early 90s. The cart plays just fine and may some day be worth much more if someone decides to investigate a forensics lab’s involvement to see if they can determine the official number by running tests on the cart.

A must for Nintendo collectors, which I can attest to since I’ve been one for over 25 years. Those that walk in NES circles will relate my name with honesty and integrity but feel free to ask for references if you doubt my authenticity. These carts are near impossible to find anywhere so don’t let this pass you by! All my games are in working order.

Dreamcast Utopia v2 the best for playing Import and Backup Games


Utopia V2 Bootdisc Screen

Utopia V2 Bootdisc Screen

Utopia v2 is the best boot disc for any United States Dreamcast to play most if not all Backup and Import Dreamcast games. Now you can save the life of your original Dreamcast discs, copy them over and use the back up games to play so that your original disc will never get worn or scratched. Not only that this boot up disc will allow you to play any import game from Japan!

EBay look out because now my Dreamcast collection just got broader!

The Utopia v2 boot disc is absolutely free so if anyone is trying to sell it to you tell them to bugger off.

To get it all you have to do is follow this link http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/dreamcast/other/utopia-boot-disk/ and follow the page, you do not have to click on the premium link, just the free one will work.

Once you have downloaded the zip file, open it up and a CDI file will be in it. Now you will need Diskjuggler or any type of CD burning program that will convert the CDI file (image) into a workable playable boot disc.

The boot disc is easy to you, place the disc into your Dreamcast game bay, turn it on, and it will go to another screen that will first tell you that this program is free then to load a disc. Open up your disc bay again and place your Import game or Back up Game and Viola! Play your game with confidence.

Please to do not go around copying other people games that that are not yours, just to have a copy. This disc should be used to play import games or back up games that you own and not as a way to pirate games. With great power comes great responsibility!

Dreamcast for sale on eBay starting at 99 cents plus 10 dollar shipping


Dreamcast for sale!!!

An everything you need Dreamcast System.

Refurbished, taken apart cleaned up then put back together and test, system works perfectly, was on for 1 hour of play and ran like a champ.
Picture is of exact item you are bidding on, the system is a little discolored. I believed it was rescued by someone who left it in the sun, or a smokers house but with a little tender loving care her guts are cleaned and ready for someone who wants to give her a good home.
If you win the auction, email me if you want me to send a disc with it to play backup games or Japan games, easy to use just drop in the disc and gives you instructions to drop in your backup game or Japan game.
you can get it on eBay Here: